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Prestige Wedding Photography For Discerning Couples

Stylish, Passionate, Contemporary, Timeless, Elegant, Sophisticated, Creative…..
Just a few of the words people have used to describe my photography

Wedding Photography is an artform.

Honest truth here – when I started I thought it was just a case of taking some good quality photos of someone’s wedding day.
As I look back over the years of photography I’ve done and the over 100 weddings I’ve photographed I can see changes – subtle and not pronounced yet they transform what used to be “ok” wedding photos into todays top quality images of someones wedding.

Let me ask you how important is your wedding to you?
If you’re the kind of person who wants this one day, your wedding day, to be perfect,
If all the little details are what makes it special,
If this is THE most important day of your life so far

Then you want the photographs I’ll give you of this day.
You’ll want all the little details, all the moments, and all the momories of this day captured beautifully forever.

Photographing your wedding is both my privelege and a huge responsibility. It’s crucial to photograph every possible moment and memory that makes your wedding day what it is – SPECIAL
It’s vital to use the right equipment to be able to ensure that no matter what the conditions the photos will be perfect.
And all the time knowing this is about people, it’s about You, Your wedding guests, Your friends and family. It’s about an emotional connection that needs to be captured on camera.

That’s my role – to be there in the right place at the right time to get these moments that will become your memories for years to come.

Hi Allen, Just seen the photos and we’re both so pleased. Not only was it great to have you at our wedding but the photos are really amazing! You’ve captured the very essence of the day. Thank you and back soon with photos for the album. You’re a star!

Julie and Matt

SABRINA AND MATT Ravenwood Hall Bury St Edmunds. A mid summer wedding with an outdoor ceremony held at the beautiful Ravenwood Hall.
I must say I love weddings that are all at one wedding locatioon – it allows me to relax a little. On the other hand I love Chruch weddings with a reception at a beautiful hall or hotel. I actually just love weddings!
Being in one location allowed me to get prep shots of both Sabrina and Matt whcih is great. An outdoor ceremony is always magical and the English weather means it’s not that common.
A truly magical day that ended with fireworks on the lawn on a perfect summers evening.

CONNIE AND JASON Norwich Castle and Broom Hall Hotel
A February wedding but blessed with lovely sunny weather all day.
Starting out at the Hotel with Connie’s Prep together with her many Bridesmaids who mostly flew in from US. Then all onto a coach for the ride into Norwich Castle. The ceremony was held in the lovely Constable Room. A few quick shots outside then onto a Routemaster Bus back to the Hotel. Due to traffic we just missed the hoped for Sunset shot in the garden but spent the rest of the day/evening getting documentary shots then the cake, confetti shots and lastly the first dance.
A beautiful day and a couple of months later was featured in the Suffolk Weddings magazine.

Let’s Look At The KEY FEATURES Of My Wedding Photography…


Your day is all about love, emotion and passion. How could anyone capture all that if they aren’t passionate themselves about what they do?
I live to photograph weddings!
They are the culmination of years of photography; they are what I work at every day of my life – planning, researching, editing, creating albums……
On your wedding day nothing else exists for me other than making the next photograph the very best it can be.
This photo of the Bride with her two daughters as they got out of the car as they arrived at the Church is pure emotion and a result of years of experience that saw me in the right place at the right time ready with the right camera gear .


That will mean different things to different people. What I mean here is what “look” do I create for my wedding photographs.
Some wedding photographers will have a very much “fun” style where they make sure to capture all the funny things that happen.
Some will have a “posed” way of getting their photos where they ask the couple to pretend to be fashion models for a while.

I create what I hope are wedding photos that are:-
Natural – Unposed
The photo here was totally unposed – they just saw me and looked up. Yet I created a photo with good light, good composition and elegant that shows an emotional connection between them

Stylish Wedding Photography


Your wedding day is a day that you want to be able to re-live for years to come.
It’s a story of two people committing themselves to each other for life.
It’s many chapters with paragraphs within them that build to give the full story.
It’s a combination of moments that when combined together will tell the full story of your wedding day. The laughter, the tears, the emotions and love.
Capturing these moments, these fleeting images that finally can be combined to become your wedding story takes practice, experience and passion.
This is documentary wedding photography – not a few images but a whole days worth of story telling where each image stands alone as a great wedding photo but also works with all the rest which over the years will become your memory of this day.

Wedding 1st Dance

My Wedding Photography Package

Everyone, even princesses (probably) have a budget for their wedding.

My aim is simple – perfection

I live to photograph weddings and am passionate about giving anyone I work with the absolute best wedding photography possible but I also realise that we all have a budget. For some it’s tens of thousands, for others it’s much less.
It begins weeks or months before your wedding when we first meet at your engagement / pre-wedding photo shoot. We’ll spend an hour at least getting the best ever photos and short video of you both.
I give every wedding couple my very best attention.
I individually edit every photo to make it the best it can be – sometimes that means 30 minutes work on a single photo; I give you nearly 200 photos from a wedding so this alone is a huge investment of my time.
I provide a 4 to 5 minute “hilite” video from clips throughout the day – video editing is also hugely time consuming requiring an hours editing per minute of video.
I create a wedding album from your favourite photos – I’ll probably do 2 or 3 designs before I’m satisfied and show it to you.
A single wedding a week means I’m totally engrossed in that one wedding for the entire week.
All this to give you the utmost quality photography available.
I realise that not everyone has a budget that willl accomodate this level of effort and dedication.

Please don’t feel uncomfortable if your budget won’t stretch this far…..


  • Pre wedding photoshoot anywhere in South East England. – a chance to meet and discuss your wedding in detail and work together to create 30 superb images and a short video. A taster of what’s to come.
  • Full Day coverage on your wedding day. Again anywhere in South East England starting with Brides prep. and right through to the 1st dance and beyond. Includes full video of the ceremony from a static camera and short video clips throughout the day to create the “hilite” video.
  • Around 200 individually edited full resolution, downloadable photos in a private shareable online gallery. Download to your own PC, share with others, and view for years to come.
  • The full ceremony video.
  • A HiLite video lasting around 4/5 minutes that starts with prep. and ends with the 1st dance and all the moments and memories inbetween. Again available in the online gallery.
  • A top quality Wedding Album. With printed hardcover, 20 or more 110gsm, deluxe satin pages where I’ll include your favourite images and combine with complimentary photos to create a stunning record of your day in a presentation box.
  • A 16″x12″ mounted “Giclee” photo art print of your favourite image – ready for framing.
  • Three 10″x8″ “Giclee” art enlargements.


A £100 deposit secures the date with the balance required any date before your wedding

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