Who Am I?

I’m furiously passionate about preserving your wedding day.

I believe in memories, moments and all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. We dance too long, smile too much and have more than a few great stories.

It began a long time ago…

I got my first camera for my 12th birthday. I fell in love with photography. That magical moment when you press the shutter and (back then) wait days or weeks to see the photo you created.

There were years when other stuff was more important but I always came back – I became more creative – I photographed everything from motorcycle racing to landscapes – I later got asked to photograph a friends wedding and back in the days of film this was nerve wracking as I had no idea if the photos were in focus, correctly exposed, nothing, until days later I saw the actual photos and breathed a sigh of relief as most were actually quite good!

Top wedding photographer

Over the next decade or so I got asked many more times to do weddings, families and events; they all taught me something and my photography improved to a point in 2013 where I believed I was good enough to ask for payment for my efforts – so I became a “professional” wedding photographer.

Over 100 weddings later my style has evolved – my creativity has explored every aspect of wedding photography – and the quality of my wedding photography has transformed so that I regularly have my weddings published in magazines – I’ve won awards and been featured by a star Youtube photographer.
I’m really comfortable photographing any wedding these days – I’m always prepared for the unexpected – always ready to capture a fleeting moment – and able to create top quality wedding photography.

I’d be delighted to be your wedding photographer as I know 100% that the photos and video I give you afterwards will be treasured by you forever.

That’s my passion
That’s who I am….

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