Let me answer some common questions I get asked.


  • What Makes You A Good Wedding Photographer?
    Many things contribute to “GOOD” wedding photograpy. From empathy with the wedding guests to superb technical knowledge of photography. Add in many years experience of a variety of different genres of photography and over 100 weddings photographed and it all starts to show in the photographs.
  • Why Are Wedding Photographers So Expensive?
    At first glance that does appear to be the case. However attending your wedding day is just one part of the story. I would spend nearly 2 days editing and processing around 200 images, then another half a day on video, I’d probably have already done an engagement photo shoot with you and given you 40 beautiful photos, I’ll spend a day creating your wedding album. Costs like the album and prints come out plus travelling, insurance, advertising and other business expenses.
  • How Do You Approach a Wedding?
    Some photographers will have the same approach and style no matter who you are and when and where your wedding is.
    My approach is to take into account the location, the weather, and your personality. I wouldn’t try and get fun party looking shots at a wedding in a Victorian country house in December. So I tailor the approach to suit YOUR wedding as every wedding is unique.
  • What Packages Do You Offer?
    OK, so I’m a bit different than most photographers – I ONLY offer ONE Package
    I see my challenge, my reason for being a wedding photographer as creating a visual story of a unique event. That is Your Wedding.
    I simply cannot achieve that in anything less than the entire day at your wedding.
    Your wedding day begins when you start to get ready – your PREP.
    Your wedding day ends after the FIRST DANCE.
    That is the fulll story of your wedding and is what I use to create the everlasting story of this one special day.
  • How Many Photos Do I Get Of The Wedding?
    Enough to tell the story of your day – that’s usually around 180 to 200 photos. Every photo is edited in Lightroom to get perfect colour, contrast, crop, lighting ……. I treat every photo as if it were to be hung in an exhibition.
    Many other wedding photographers provide many more photos – it’s unnecessary, and these are usually unedited and therefore lower quality and I want you to only have the best wedding photography possible.
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